The Aussie Bible Auto Brokerage

The Aussie Bible Auto Brokerage

New & Used Car Brokers Sydney


Purchasing a new automobile should be a fun and exciting experience. However, over the years, it has turned into a daunting and stressful journey. Procuring the best price has become nerve-racking with all the charlatans, pushy dealers and swindlers looking for their next prey. The time dedicated to car hunt instead turns into a game of dodgeball where the cunning sales tactics form a ball ready to blow away the layman.


Running an independent car broker company, we at Aussie Bible knows no bounds. Stretched all over Australia, our networks and years of experience grant us the power and vigour that makes us the most trusted brokers, not lenders or dealers. We play our cards well, securing a place in fleet tender and the best prices for your car buying. Through our professional tactics and skills, we negotiate for the cost that falls within your budget. Our training and knowledge have acquired us mastery in day-to-day auto dealings, ensuring customer satisfaction and engagement.


Using The Aussie Bible Car Brokers, you can acquire several benefits from the cheapest car price to time-saving. We have you all backed up. Our services seize the lowest discount on fleet prices for your new sleek wheels and deliver them to your doorstep. Also, you can lay your hands on a new car congratulatory gift, a full tank of fuel, and off to a long drive you go. There’s nothing you should concern yourself with except choosing a car model, and then on, it’s our charm.

Our Guarantee

We guarantee to render outstanding client services, entwining our reliable nationwide network in our car purchasing approach to deliver an enviable purchasing advantage to our customers. The Aussie Bible takes pride in its dedication and promises to care for humans instead of numbers which anchors us to honesty, transparency and responsibility.


We always make sure our team is perfect and highly professional in fulfilling clients demands. We choose our team through proper tests and trials to maintain the standard. We ensure that our team have adequate knowledge about the motor industry to provide clients with the best deals.


On Friday evening, I got my new Nissan Patrol delivered right outside my office. I can’t appreciate your efforts, honesty and hard work on my behalf. Let’s not forget the fantastic price you purchased my car for, unbelievable. Driving back home from the office in my new car had me breathe a sigh of relief. Every day I had to face so much trouble on public transport and then at the office for late arrival. However, I’m glad for being saved from all the stress of visiting car yards and negotiating with people of tactics. I can’t thank you enough for all the available research material, consultations and the car.

Bob Oliver

Driving around in my antique of a car today, I decided it’s time to part our ways. Thank you so much for your assistance in finding me a new car while staying within my budget.

Chloe Henry

Genuinely moved by your honest and professional approach to your customers, I once again knocked at your door. I sold my car and got a new one. Did I mention Aussie Bible brought me the car at an unrivalled price? Oh yes, they did; they always do. Therefore, I recommended them to all my friends and colleagues who, of course, first hand witnessed your miracle. I will see you again soon, this time for my wife.

Lucas James