The Aussie Bible Auto Brokerage


Speculations are natural when trusting a thirty party for a valuable asset. We care for people instead of numbers, hence compiling a guide to car brokers, scaring away your doubts of whether it’s wise to use a car broker service or not. First, get to understand what a car broker service is?

A car broker works as a middleman between the dealers and customers looking for a car to buy. They assist you with your car hunt; they provide consultation, secure your favoured vehicle at the best price from a range of dealers.

We have gathered few questions regarding car brokering services to answer and give some insight into car brokers to prevent potential scams.


  • Why should I use a car broker?
  • How do I select the right auto broker?
  • What are the benefits?
  • How much does it cost?

Why should I use a car broker service?

If you don’t belong to the industry, you are in for a massive loss. Dealers or lenders are professionals with all the ins and outs in the palms of their hands. For a while, you might believe you are calling the shots here; in reality, you are being shot with professional tactics and tricks of the dealer, earning him a profit of thousands. That’s why you need an equally cunning professional who can fight on your behalf. Car brokers are experts capable of purchasing a car at an incredible rate for you.

How to select the right auto broker

While scouting for vehicle brokers, don’t be hasty. First, check for state licences and qualification of car brokers and set up a meeting. Always reach out to three or four brokers and analyse their services and rate comparatively. Beware of those with minimal benefits for themselves than the market; they are all scams. Ask them about their experience, background, car purchasing process, and recent clients’ references. Also, ensure they work independently from car dealerships and secures your interest. If they are getting referrals from a dealer, they might not work for your benefit. Even though you won’t pay the referral fee directly, but it will indeed fall on your shoulder, added to the car price.

What are the benefits?

Car brokers have extensive networks and relationships with various dealers and can get you a better price than dealers. Some brokers even offer fleet prices usually reserved for businesses purchasing numerous vehicles at one go.

Car brokers also perform an inspection on your behalf with their extensive vehicle knowledge and inspection experience. And what’s more remarkable than a hassle-free, pocket-friendly and time-efficient car purchasing experience.

How much does it cost?

Some may necessitate a finder’s fee to assist you in finding a vehicle for you, while most car brokers only charge a flat fee depending on the car’s rate. Don’t run after the minimal cost or the luxury car broker services; settle for the most affordable car broker services.

We at Aussie Bible ensure the best broker services that fall within your range. Choose your car and model, contact us and receive the delivery at your doorstep with a gift of a full fuel tank.