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Biggest BMW SUV To Get the Coup Treatment BMW X8 review:

When luxury entwines with dynamics, it results in a marvel; BMW 8 coupe. A magnificent sports car of the four-door with generous space is aesthetics designed in the most exquisite form. The X8 seems to have taken all over, earning itself the fame of topping coupe in BMW’sSUV range. Essentially, X8, the biggest SUV, has gotten some coupe treatment. It introduces an entirely new designing language for opulent sports cars with a coupe-style roof, exerting unbridled vigour and remarkable agility. The BMW 8 Coup√© retains the sporty commitment with its compellingly exclusive and incredibly sporty aura on the roads. The opulent four seats voice out its promise of luxury along with comfort.

The majestic profile of the X8’s boast the most spectacular changes at the back end, with its roof shape turning into a coupe.

The upcoming gorgeous BMW X8 seems to have adopted an even more aggressive design. The kidney grille of X8 differs from the X7 huge ones; instead, Audi decided to compensate for all the earlier grills in the same model.

Adding to the charm the sporty look that X8 aims for, the grille is darkened to black. Adorned with the aggressive bumper design of X7 and a slightly slated roofline towards the back, adding to the coupe silhouette, X8 is ready to set the car world ablaze by its design.

What does the X8 interior look like?

  • Similar To The X7
  • Same Tech
  • Five-Seat Capacity
  • Digital Instrument Cluster
  • Optional Rear-Seat Entertainment
  • 3-Inch Infotainment Screen
  • Reconfigured Rear Compartment
  • No Third-Row Option
  • Limited Rear-Seat Headroom
  • Smaller Trunk

As reviewed, the outlook is pretty similar to X7. Just incorporate the little cues of the X7 design and an overall design of the X6; surprise, surprise, there you have your X8.

Looking at the current situation, BMW intends to keep all of the essential characteristics from the X7, even the thin rear lights with chroma band among them, the firm bumper with the exhaust pipes of rectangular-shaped, the boxy and clean fascia. The upper part will be modified, as the classical tailgate provides access for a coupe-style door with a bent window, short lid and spoiler on some fittings.

If you fancy X6, X8 won’t have trouble making its home in your heart or possibly garage. The luxurious interior and modified outlook of X8 is an eye candy with its super speed and sporty aura accentuating its purpose of comfort entwined with a high empowered engine. However, if you don’t like a coupe-style SUV design, it’s better to stick with X7 or the X5.