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Car Insurance

“Note: We do not directly provide you with Car Insurance. Following Australian law, we will redirect your details to our third-party partners since only licensed lenders can perform those two functions. We recommend them and their services, and we hope you understand our situation. Please, and thank you.”

'To expect the unexpected.'

Following this idiom is a surefire way of protecting yourself against hazards that may lead to more harm, that may cause a cycle of misery and pain. Losing out on your car may cost you your job as well, etc. At least we Australians need not worry about not affording healthcare, unlike some countries.

Insurance is risk management: protecting against the probabilities of a financial loss is its reason for being. You pay an insurance company in the form of premiums, and it can ask you to pay a deductible when you start a claim, and they will have a policy or cash limit that they will pay for – and state for which specific events they target.

You can generally find an insurance company for every niche or risky event if you need one. Auto insurance is one of the most common types since almost everyone uses a car or other such vehicle. Do note insurance companies can discriminate from heavy trucks, motorcycles, etc. since they all have varying risk levels.

The riskier the event, or the more likely a ‘bad thing’ will happen, generally increases the price of the premiums. Cheaper policies often result in expensive deductibles. This cost difference stems from the inherent design of deductibles, as they filter out minor or insignificant claims.

Here are some safety tips since neither we, nor our partners, nor your loved ones wish you would be in an accident, even if you would come out of it unscathed and not financially worse for wear.

  1. Do not go past and try not to go near the speed limit. Speeding is the leading cause of road accidents, but it can still cause trouble to stay within the higher legal limits. You are not entirely safe as can be if you are ‘edging’ the boundaries. We do not encourage you to go as slow as possible but try to be safe about it.
  2. Do not drink and drive or under the influence of any mind-altering substance. If you can’t focus on the road, you might as well be blind or have a foggy frontal view.
  3. Do not drive while distracted. Driving is a serious activity that requires active participation, and that even counts for auto-piloted cars for the odd chance it does not catch a truck, wall, or pedestrian.
  4. Do not forego sleep; it is crucial for surviving, living, and lacking it is a significant cause of Australian road accidents. It is also a lot more healthy, and feeling well-rested is an excellent way to be happy.

If you need insurance, contact us, let us know, fill in the form, and we will work with our partners to deliver you the best auto insurance for your situation. We will also do our part and help you get a car that is reliable, safe, and fit for your circumstances, whatever they may be.