The Aussie Bible Auto Brokerage

How It Works


Get through the trouble of researching, negotiating, and money swindling traps with just one right decision of choosing The Aussie Bible, your go-to car broker. Your dream car at the best rate is only three steps away.


It is always advisable to first get to know your companion before jumping into a relationship. Whether it’s your day-to-day shenanigans, family rides, or friends drive your car is the most trustworthy partner. That’s why we insist you get to know your car before quote submission. Follow our experienced car selection process; choose your dream car, research, test drive and then submit a quote. We have a thorough research of vehicles’ pricing, specifications. Without any hesitation, make an online enquiry or ring us up for an expert car consultation.


Complete our online enquiry form and select a car model you desire. Your Aussie Bible consultant will get in touch with you within the next 24 hours of your enquiry. Discussing the vehicle specifications with our consultation team will help you procure a place within a fleet tender in our national dealer network. We promise only the best-fitted price will knock at your door.


If the received price satisfies you, purchasing your car typically takes about 5 minutes on the cellphone. The world is a global village means everything and anything is possible within seconds. Aussie Bible consultant will score you the winning dealer’s sleek vehicle at the best price on your behalf. Further proceeding in our professional approach, an order confirmation will be mailed to you, updating you on the progress of your purchase and delivery hour. And finally, the moment of delivering at your doorstep. Your long-awaited speedy dream with an additional congratulatory gift of a full fuel tank will wait for your right outside your office or house.

We charge a success fee following our flat fee structure, which means no best price, no success fee!

Here are our success fee rates on different ranges of car.

  • Only $187 inclusive of GST as success fee over autos below $30,000
  • Only $242 inclusive of GST as success fee over cars above $30,000


The Aussie Bible strives to simplify the process of car purchasing, working for our customers while they go on with their daily activities. We save you the precious assets of this century; money and time.

Our car purchasing service ensures the most substantial fleet discounts possible for your vehicle. Our capability of achieving these discount blossoms from our unique quotation system and extensive Australia-wide dealers channel, bidding for your company from their fleet units.

Denoting, private consumers can also avail fleet discounts formerly only available to the government departments and esteemed companies through our network and services. We save thousands for you whether you run a massive company, humble business or a private purchaser when Aussie Bible has it all settled.

We pride ourselves on our customised service and impartial professional guidance. All you have to do is pick a vehicle you desire to buy and leave the rest to us.

Choosing your beloved car is not only a matter of heart or want. Car selection needs you to put your thinking cap on and practically look into various aspects, doing research and test drives. If you need any advice, our consultants are readily available to guide you through. We have three steps listed for contacting us.

  • Select the car you want to enquire about
  • Please provide us with your details on the online enquiry form.
  • You can reach out to one of our expert consultants to assist you as well.

Rest assured, We’ll get you your favourite car at the best price you could’ve ever imagined. Contact us online or call us on the phone; we are here for you.